What is your strategy for music distribution and promotion? For example, you may have ten or more tracks in your catalog, which means you could release a full feature album at one time. But should you do that or release a single first?

In the modern music industry, we never lack artists who can make good music but artists who know how to make the best out of their music. So, choosing the best way that suits your music development can make your music career journey easier.

This question of how to release music does not have a catch-all answer. Your decision as to what format you release your music should focus on where you are in terms of your musical career. If it will be your debut work as an independent artist, releasing a single first is better. You may spend less budget and receive the same result as a full feature album.

Most major digital platforms will not give much attention to promoting independent artists. This means your full-length album may disappear soon after its release date. So, you can release a single first and modify your distribution strategy with the feedback you receive.

However, the artist should consider the genre: hip-hop artists may wish to produce mixtapes with 15 to 20 tracks. It is a way to show their talent and is also a tradition in hip-hop culture.

If you are releasing physical works, maybe an album is a better way to go. But unfortunately, only a few international artists will release physical single CDs or Vinyl because it is just not enough for the ears of physical records listeners.

With us at Afrotunes, you can release a single or an album (or even a compilation with up to 20 tracks) to major digital platforms. In addition, you will have access to your music analytics. As a result, you can easily have an insight into your music performances and adjust your music strategy and direction.

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