ISRC is the International Standard Recording Code. ISRC is an internationally recognized identification tool for sound and music video recordings. It is a unique number representing your track and sets it apart from every other track. It represents a recording's distinct identity and allows tracking key details as the track sales, streams, and plays on radio stations.

Digital platforms use the ISRC to identify and allocate royalties to your track. So, to avoid royalty losses, keep the ISRC consistent when you distribute the same track across different distribution platforms. In other cases, some artists may wrongly distribute the same track to a platform twice and offer different ISRCs. The result is the release may be presented as two separate works. If so, the overall streams of the two releases may get taken down from the stores.

To avoid the above situation, you can establish a sheet to record all the original ISRCs of your releases. Then, if you have to distribute a previous track or album again, remember to write down the original ISRC to avoid the possibility of royalty losses.

With us at Afrotunes, we provide you with an ISRC for free and automatically insert it. However, if you want to use your own ISRC, feel free to do so.

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