Upload your music to Boomplay

Register with Afrotunes and submit your audio and artwork. We will deliver your music to Boomplay within few days as long as the submitted materials follow our style guide. Afrotunes offers free music distribution to Boomplay now and you can get 100% of your royalties.

1.Register an account on Afrotunes music distribution

If you are new to Afrotunes, please click here to create an account.

1. Enter your Name, Country, Email address, and Password
2. Click “SIGN UP” after you agree with the Afrotunes Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
3. You will receive a confirmation email which is valid for 10 minutes
4. Follow the link on the confirmation email to verify your email address

2.Choose subscription plan on Afrotunes

Before you start to create a new release, please make sure you have subscribed/checked out at least one subscription plan. Click Payment-Subscription Plans to choose your preferred plan(s) from all available subscription plans. Distribution to Boomplay only is for free now!

3.Upload your songs and albums to Boomplay

To create a new release, click “New Release” on the top right of the Afrotunes dashboard or left navigation menu. From there, you can fill in your album/single details, upload the artwork & audio and choose Boomplay as the destination.

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